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Did the serpent deceive Adam and Eve?

Rarely you hear people asking this question, sometimes it is frightening to ask such skeptical questions.

First, who is Adam and who is Eve?

The Hebrew scriptures introduce these two characters as the first human being God created on planet earth. The almighty God placed them in a garden called “Eden” where many creationists entertain the possibility that Eden was planet Earth meanwhile others strongly affirm the belief that Eden was a segregated utopian place on planet Earth or it’s just a mystery. The Hebrew scriptures then inform us that, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden due to their disobedience. 

The autobiography of Adam and Eve is not a Disney fairy-tale nor ordinary allegory. It is a story full of allurements, built on the foundation of supernatural occurrences; shaped by tragedies, deceptions and restored by a perfect sequel of the Gospel. The tale of Adam and Eve is an etiology that brings forth a sufficient explanation for the dichotomy of life on Earth and the existence of humankind.

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve

When God created Adam and Eve, he commanded them not to eat from the second tree found in the middle of the garden known as the tree of knowledge of good and evil ( Gen 2:17). In the third chapter, the serpent is introduced as ‘more crafty than any beast of the field’ (NASB). The serpent came in camouflage with treachery motives and engaged in a trickery dialogue with Eve which then resulted in Adam and Eve eating fruits from the forbidden fruit.

The serpent did not convince her; instead, the serpent acknowledged the commandment but questioned her if it was legitimate. When the serpent comes into the scene, the serpent rhetorically asks the question about the truth Eve stood under. The serpent asked: 

Can it be really that God has said, ‘you shall not eat from any tree of the garden’? 

Genesis 3:1 AMP

At that moment, the question sparked uncertainty within her heart. Her response in verse 3 & 4 sounds very precarious; an expressional summary of her response would be something like this: 

‘look serpent, I don’t know. this what I have been told and I am doing just that’. 

This is what makes the plot interesting…….


The unsettled response of Eve is what leads the serpent to press on. Seems as if Eve had a secret opposing perception toward the command that forbade eating fruits from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Eve’s incentives toward the forbidden tree were somewhat conflicting. Well, the question is……

 Did she consider the consequence? 

Think about the consequences though.

Adam and Eve were told if they both eat from the forbidden tree they will die! But what did death mean to both of them? (compare to what death means to humanity now) Had they seen someone die? 

Adam and Eve exemplify something most of us would do. Having our own little opinions opposing something God has forbidden. An opinion opposing God’s word comes from a naivety nature toward the word of God. Adam and Eve opposing opinions and perspective toward the forbidden tree was the very bait that got them hooked. A conflicting incentive or argument against God’s word leads us into temptation. 


The serpent never said anything they did not know, but it challenged them with their own secret opinions that supported eating from the forbidden tree. Adam and Eve deceived themselves with their own views toward the forbidden tree. If the serpent saw that they firmly believed in God’s commandment then the serpent would not have tempted them. 

Some of us believe in God and follow Christ Jesus but when it comes to God’s commandments and God’s revelation, we then kinda believe in it because apparently, we believe that our own way is better than what God is suggesting. These rebellious opinions are found in the crevices of our filthy hearts. Although God had banned eating from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve didn’t really think there was anything wrong with it, so the devil found a hole to get through. 


The devil attempts us with our own tools. The devil finds the very things that cripple us and the very thing that cause us to fall short. If your heart and mind still crave for the very things that are against the word of God, then those are the very things that will get you caught in the devil’s nets. 

The enemy would not attempt you with something your opinion does not approve of. The enemy will not attempt you with illegal drugs if you do not have a drug addiction. The enemy never has and will never put a gun to someone’s head forcing them to do something that’s opposite to their morals. The enemy initiates a conversation in our heads and causes afflictions in our hearts. The enemy will not make you do something, but he will nudge you and make you think about it and eventually you will find yourself doing that one thing you shouldn’t. The enemy does not deceive us, we deceive ourselves. The enemy sets up traps with our own tools.

Let’s not give credit to the devil (serpent), Adam and Eve tricked themselves with their own conflicting opinions opposing God’s commandment against the forbidden tree. Had they not questioned the legitimacy of the commandment, the serpent would not have attempted them.



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