Gospel and Humanity.

Joy to humanity for the good news is here. The good news of hope. Hope came to us sealed in a human flesh clothed with love, this hope dwelt among us, and we called it Immanuel, God among his people and this hope is Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus, the author of our faith and the master of our salvation. The begotten son of God became the door through to the father. His sacrifice became the very exertion that breached the gap between humanity and heaven. Through lobar on the cross, he ceased and diminished the power of sin. His blood quenched the anger of God over sinners. His declaration on the cross brought about permanent access into the divine for all those who are saved. He chose death to sink deep into hell to free those who were locked up in sin by death. His resurrection defeated the devil’s greatest punishment known as death. His victory over death caused the devil to forfeit because Jesus overcame the devil’s ultimate punishment which is death.

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Let us Rewind, before Christ Jesus came.
Sin entered the universe and flooded the earth and drowned humanity. Sin brought miseries, death, and sufferings. Humanity is immersed in the waters of sin, no one is exempt from sin. Iniquities and evil found roots in every human being since the genesis of humankind. The flood of sin has no class distinction or exception for whom it should drown. Everyone is drowning in waters of sin in one way or another and the longer you live life, the more you will slowly realize that you are sinking into hell. Sin has flooded the universe; all of us are born in the waters of sin, David says:

Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin, my mother conceived me.

Psalms 51:5

Christ Jesus came through the human flesh, born in sin like the rest of us, his death and resurrection was to prove the devil that he can conquer sin. By doing so, Christ then asks us to believe in him because through him we are rescued from sin and given everlasting life. Christ says:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

Christ Jesus was trying to tell us that God has sent him into the world as a lifesaver for all those who are drowning in sin. His resurrection demonstrated that he definitely has defeated sin and has the power to rescue humanity.



let us take a closer look at the scripture, Jesus says
whoever believes in him shall not perish.
This segment does paint a reasonable image a modern world can understand. Christ is portraying a picture of a Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter; wherein the midst of severe weather, the lifesaver would jump out of the helicopter, descends from a rope and stretches their hand to the person stuck in flood. Christ Jesus is saying ‘I have come to stretch my hand and “whoever” accept my hand shall not drown or die in sin. Christ is in the business of rescuing people from the flood of sin.

It is God’s greatest desire that every man and woman is rescued from sin and brought into eternity and it is Christ greatest passion to offer himself has a lifesaver for victims who are stuck in flood of sin.

However, the issue with humanity is, she has rejected the hand of the lifesaver. She is drowning and little she knows she is sinking into hell. Christ tells us why humanity has chosen to reject his help. Christ reveals:

This is the judgment that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their deeds were evil.

John 3:19

WESTPAC-RESCUE-CHOPPER-PP450317-523606-320x486In other words, humanity has chosen to reject the lifesavers’ help because humanity has now developed techniques and skills to swim in flood. Humanity believes if she swims she can still save herself and she is comfortable in flood and for that reason she rejects the help of the rescuer.

Humanity is drowning into the flood of sin and humanity will sink into hell, and Christ has come to rescue, he is offering his hand and saying, “whoever believes in (me) shall not perish.”


The gospel is hope for humanity. The Greek meaning of the gospel in English is “good news” which means the gospel is the good news that gives our drowning humanity hope for rescue. When we bring the gospel to the world, we bring hope. The gospel is the core of hope for peace and an end to the sufferings.


Only Christ Jesus can rescue us from sin, he who conquered sin can save us from sin. Humanity cannot save herself. But the hope humanity needs to hold on to is, Christ Jesus can rescue her. She will need to raise her hand and hold on to Christ the lifesaver, and she will be rescued by her faith. Of course, humanity is you and I, your neighbor, your friends, your cousins, colleagues and etc.

Let us spread the gospel.

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