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Manipulation: Doing right for the ​wrong reasons.

Why do you what you do?

Motivation is fuel. Motivation is an internal energy that triggers the belief to achieve what is beyond our strength. Motivation has to come from inside because it ignites us and fuels us with faith to go beyond limitations. Motivation is the impulse that causes us to surge to another level of life.

From motivation comes the word ‘Motive.’
A motive is a primary drive behind our actions and the manufacturer of our behaviors. Your motive is the reason you do what you do. You can’t ignore your motives. Your motive has plenty to do with how you live life and how you engage with people.


A motive is not something we touch or see, but we can certainly feel it. A bad motive is something that is quietly sophisticated. Lip-services and rational behaviors have always camouflaged bad motives. We have fallen in lies by believing what people say instead of delving deep to extract the basis of why they do what they do.

We live in liberalism societies along with narcissistic ideologies where every individual is empowered to make a life for themselves but due to the dichotomy of life in the present-day brings about a challenging cost of living which results in competitive lifestyles. This competitiveness evokes the need to strive. Striving is apparent in our modern world, but often abused as a catalyst by those who are impatient with the journey of success. Those who are willing to bypass the process to reach success.

Narcissism and the need to rapidly achieve something has poisoned the motives of people. People are striving to be successful, and some are doing it for the wrong reasons.


Manipulation is a mechanism used by people with bad motives to control the system for their benefit…

MANIPULATION: Businessman manipulatingExample:
Someone would manipulate a relationship so he or she can get what he or she wants at the expense of hurting the other. They will send you roses, buy you dinner and compliment you so in return they can get what they want!



When was the last time you genuinely complimented someone?
When was the last time you genuinely meant every word that came out of your mouth?
When was the last time you genuinely loved or cared for someone?
When was the last time you built real friendships?
When was the last time you sent out a genuine text message to someone?

It is difficult to answer it because we are psychologically living with a reciprocity mentality; society teaches us to give and receive. We enter the doors of people’s lives with a To-Get list, list of things we want because selfishly it’s all about what we want.

control over the businessmanSomeone with bad motives will use your weakness as an advantage point, and they will manipulate you with your weakness for their benefit. Manipulators will fulfill your requirements, quench your thirst, meet your needs even more abundantly because they see profits in you. They lure people with what they need to get what they want. A manipulator is aware that their sacrifice is not greater than what they will profit from you or through you. They will offer you everything that you need as a way to get something in return.

Mind control

For example, A universal weakness in every ordinary human being is the need for food, in that case, a manipulator will offer you food as long as they know you’ll give them money, job, time, drug, etc.

People with bad motives are always the nicest people you’ll ever meet; they are well mannered, they talk well and say all the right things, rational at its best. They will buy you roses, buy you a ring, buy you a house, do all the right things anyone can do because all they want is: sex, trophy wife or a cute husband.

Young woman with eyes and mouth covered by a male hands. Handlin
People with bad motives will come to your church, walk holy, speak holy, dress holy, live holy, even quote scriptures backward, talk in extreme tongue. Serve excellently, worship extremely and do all the right things Jesus hasn’t even done yet and all of that revolves around their one need to find a good Christian husband or wife.

control over the brain

Look out for those who are manipulating you. Commitment isn’t manipulation. Manipulators aren’t bad people; they are just good hearts morphed with bad motives and driven by selfishness. People with bad motives are cancer in our societies. Bad motives are the result of War, Hunger, Poverty and many more. Because everybody is doing it to get something and nobody is doing it for love.

Creative TV brainwash background


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