Strong Men Don’t Exist.


Innumerable men in our societies are trying so hard, working so hard and striving endlessly to morph into an illusion society calls ‘being a strong man’

alone-daylight-facial-expression-1136588Many men suffer in silence, broken on the inside; some have become hostile and toxic onside caused by the pressure to be ‘Strong men.’ Those who are suffering in silence are not able to express how they feel because they would be dethroned from the status of ‘Strong men.’ Many men are striving to be strong, absorbing the hits and hurt but not able to flash it out. They bury their desires not to show vulnerability, emotionless to affirm strength. The pressure to be strong and the need to be authentic is building up like chemicals and beginning to damage the attitude and personalities of good men.

For centuries, men have been grappling with what the global society, religions and governments have culturally placed upon men. Humanity celebrates heroes and legends; the men who have gone before us with strengths and characters like no other and the men who have attained the pinnacle of masculinity, an achievement only a few men have been able to accomplish.

There are set standards, expectations, unspoken rules and regulations about what men should be and should do. Moreover, there is a few who have modeled to us what a strong man ought to be, but the question is, is this what men were created to be?

pexels-photo-1093926Many men are striving to be strong and proving themselves strong. There is a good man inside every jerk, and there is a humble Teddy Bear behind every tough guy. Men are scared to show emotions because it would unveil their weakness and afraid to be vulnerable because they would be taken advantage of.

There is one thing some men are not really articulate to say or thoughtful enough to reveal, and some men are too proud to admit it; but at the risk of ruining a ‘strong men’ image, you need to know that it is hard to be a ‘strong man.’

Many men live life trying to prove something to the world, many strive to build characters that would vindicate their actions or weakness. A ‘strong man’ status is an armor created by the global society to morph men and hide their frailty. Society has also created masks to hide their emotions. Also, those who have shown themselves strong to us, a majority of them have built their strength with pride and ignorance. There are those who have climbed on the backs of others to prove themselves strong because ‘strong men don’t exist.’

pexels-photo-245049Men have bought into the notion of acting strong and playing tough and beneath self-proclaimed strength, and behind the mask, there is a real and good man dying to be someone he is not. The pressure to be strong is killing good men. Some good men are killing their authentic characters by inheriting forgery characters culturally created by society.

pexels-photo-1414788Good men are the real humans; they have emotions, they get hurt, they break as well, they have insecurities as well, they get scared as well, they have fear, they have doubts, they have weaknesses, they have needs too.

Men have often been accused of being silent and emotionless, very often the men who are not always expressive are celebrated as the strong man. Men who don’t show weakness are worshiped as the strong men. Sadly we realize that just because someone isn’t talking it does not mean he or she has nothing to say. Society has put duck tape on the mouths of many men forcing them to play strong and act tough. For some men, it’s not the duck tape on the mouth, and it is merely the fact that they are struggling to articulate how they feel. If you want to see a man’s weakness, look into the eyes of a man fighting an addiction.adult-dark-facial-expression-428340

The image and the role of men have been perverted in relationships and families. This perversion has created pressure on men, and that pressure is the reason why we often don’t see good men these days. Men are just as weak as baby sentences, and men are just as soft as Teddy Bears. There is weakness found in every man’s bosom, and inefficiency lurks inside every man.

The strength of a man is through his weakness. A man becomes strong when he identifies his kryptonite. A man who knows and accepts his weakness is a strong man. When a man learns what he is not good at, he will also discover what he is good at. Learning what your disadvantage point is, teaches you what your advantage point is. Don’t be deceived, the strength of a man is not found in his physic, a strong man is far beyond a prime Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Personally, as a 25-year-old man, one of the most life-transforming decision I made was to realize how weak I am, taught myself to accept a fact that I am not perfect and strong. Humbly came to a reality that I am a human being. This transformation has shown me what my strength is.

The world does not need strong men; it needs good men. Strong men don’t exist, good men do exist but they are morphed into an illusional ‘strong men’ image society has culturally created for them.



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