Why Jesus and grace?

The gospel is beauty wrapped in books, love traced by words of men; A will of the supreme and mighty father. A campus that points us back north away from the south of sins; holding us steadfast from the tribulations of the east and the distractions of the west. The gospel’s central theme is salvation, and the core of salvation is grace. It is because of grace that humanity was gifted with salvation, and this grace is allocated to its recipient only by faith, lest anyone should boast.

Grace has its giver, and the giver has a gracious nature, which means grace is the representation of its owner, there is no separation between the giver of grace and grace itself. Grace and its giver are one body. If God is the giver of grace, then God is gracious. If Christ is God, then Christ is grace. The point is, grace is more than the nature of God, and grace is God. Grace is not just an attractive name or a religious word with an emotional connotation to it. Grace is the arsenal or collection of different characteristics in God’s nature. Some of the characteristics are love, forgiveness, joy, compassion; all these characteristics inhabit in the jar of grace. When grace has been allocated to us, it is God offering themselves to those who sinned.

photo 3Sin is the reason why Christ came to us; he had to come to us because we were not worthy to go to him. Love necessitates instigation because love is a sacrifice. God loves his bride so much that he would do anything, sacrifice everything to rescue his bride. The rescue plan was to wear a dirty and filthy human flesh, to be like us and look like one of us to save us. History classifies the labour of Christ as the great sacrifice because Christ risked it all to rescue us, sinners. Christ left behind his throne of glory, ridiculed like a criminal for the sake of wicked people. History will worship him as a martyr or patriot, but for sinners, Christ is beyond all of that. Christ is more than a hero and more than a saviour. The difference between Christ and any other heroes or saviours is the fact that Christ is alive. A living saviour.

What the distinction of salvation compare to any other salvation acts, is the excellence in the method Christ used to free those who are and were captive of sin. A contemporary speaker would say, Christ did it in style, he beat the dirt off the bad guy, freed the prisoner and looked ugly while doing it.

The significance of salvation and value of grace rest in the heart of a sinner who has been saved. Only a sinner would understand the importance of salvation. Only a sinner would know the value of grace as they know well enough they don’t deserve the grace. A famous author in the New Testament emphasises that grace is the unmerited favour of God, and this favour is not earned or laboured for but freely given to us. This favour allows us access into the Holy sanctuary of God. Those who are saved, have been given favour to experience the presence of God, in other words, being acquainted with God. Acquaintance with God is not a simple matter; we lost that privilege when the first man Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. However, because God desperately desires company with us, he created a way we can both be in company together. First, he forgave our sins then sunk deep into the ocean of sin to pull us out. Sin is the ocean we were drowning in, and now Christ had to come and free us then put us in a place of grace where we can acquaint with God.

The desperation of God to sink deep and free us says a lot about God’s love for us. God desires to be in company with us, not because God needs us but because we need God. Therefore, God instigates salvation to bring you and me out of the ocean of sin; by this unmerited favour called grace we then find ourselves in acquaintance with God in spirit. All of this revolves around the fact that God so loves you and me, God so loved us even before the creation of the world, God so loved you before you cleaned up your acts. God sent Jesus to be the confluence through which we access God and acquaint with God. Since God and Christ the son are one then Christ is grace, the grace of God is Christ, in Christ, we meet with God. Christ enticingly told his disciples and crowds repeatedly that he is the way and the truth and the life, no one has access to the father except through Christ Jesus.

And that is why we need Jesus.

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