How to fight an addiction

Addictions have now become one of the prime enemies of every single human being. Everyone is fighting addictions of some sort; there is no such thing as good addictions, even the best of us fight addictions.

What is an addiction?
An Addiction is a need or feeling that preoccupies someone’s body and intrudes their mind by causing them to depend on a particular substance or person or activity cravingly.

Thousands of money have been spent each year for rehabilitation, where people are seeking help to fight their addictions. For some rehabilitation has been manipulated to restore their privileges and retaining their reputation to society, family, and careers. Of course, rehabilitation has helped a lot of people around the world but how many people have we seen reverting to their addictions after rehabilitation? A lot of people. One of the reasons is people try to scratch the surface of their addiction but never delve deep to discover what caused their addictions.

pexels-photo-551588 Addictions have destroyed great men and women; addictions have ruined love, respect, and reputations of those we worshiped and honored. Addictions have torn marriages apart, wrecked families and shattered relationship, addictions have dismantled friendships and damaged careers. This is all because one man or one woman has chosen to allow a feeling or a need to preoccupy their body or mind, intruding them to fall into something that has the potential to destroy them. Let’s not glorify addictions and not underestimate the power of addictions either.

Addictions of any sort have a negative outcome and repercussion on us. Anything that life requires us to let go, anything that is consuming us will destroy us gradually. An addiction is a cancer, it lurks on inside while gradually destroying you and sucking the best out of you, it will then expose you and kill you on the outside. That is the extremity of addictions.

pexels-photo-568025The frivolity with which many attempts to confront their addiction has left many stuck in addictions. Addictions are often associated with chronic objects like pornography and alcohol, but there are more addictions out there that are even yet to be named. Very often psychologically we tend to think addiction is the habit or behavior but the truth is, there is a lot more to addiction than what we know.

We rush to fight addictions, but we don’t take the luxury to question what causes addictions. We can’t resist the habits without identifying the reason behind the habits. What caused or causes you to do what you do? The answer to this question is crucial, and it can transform someone’s life.

The law of cause and effect suggests that nothing just happens, there is always a reason behind every acts because ultimately we would ask, ‘why is this person addicted to {…insert..an..addiction..} rather than nothing? Any answer to this question will be accurate and sufficient enough to reveal the reason behind any addictions.

Why is it necessary to find the cause of any addictions, that is because a lot of us fight addictions the wrong way, we fight the product instead of the substances, we attack the disease instead of the conditions that caused the disease initially.

We need to identify what makes us desire the very things we are addicted to. We need to identify what makes us revert to what we know is not good for us. We need to highlight the reasons and causes behind addictions. Once identified, then confront those things, don’t compromise; instead of fighting your addiction, fight the cause of your addiction, address the very things that make you do what you do. You can’t confront what you can’t identify, and you can’t change what you can’t confront. The best way to tackle your addiction is to fight the causes of your addictions, which are the roots of your addictions.

You can’t confront what you can’t identify, and you can’t change what you can’t confront.

For example, someone might be addicted to alcohol, but two of the reasons behind that addiction is because this person has anger issues and anxiety. To manage their anger and anxiety, they use alcohol to escape the feelings of anger and anxiety.

For Example 2: Someone might be addicted to social media, but some of the reasons behind their addiction is because they are lonely, bored, insecure, hurt and frustrated with certain things in life, to escape this reality they will then seek to rest in the virtual reality of social media to find validation, acceptance, and comfort.


Don’t fight your addiction but instead fight what causes and leads you to the very things you are addicted to. The truth of the matter is, you can’t cut the leaves to get rid of the tree but if you cut the roots of the tree, the tree will fall off and die. If you can change what leads you to pornography or drug, then you can shut down your addictions.

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