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Is God Pleased With You?

Is God pleased with you?

Well, let’s find out.

There are no words that can explain nor describe the love of God. Some of the greatest minds in history grappled to categorise God’s love. Some of the greatest intellectuals and spiritual individuals history has seen also struggled to give meaning to God’s love. The truth is, God’s love is far beyond our human definition of love. Christ made this love official when he sacrificed to free us from the power of sin. Rescued us from the jail of sin and proclaimed us as sons and daughters of God because God so loved us and sent his son to be a sacrifice for our sins.

The Sacrifice of Christ on the cross did not only save us, but it also pleased God abundantly that there is nothing else needed to satisfy God. This sacrifice was more significant than any other sacrifices. The apostles reveal to us that it paid the debt of sin in full and once for all, meaning, the sacrifice pleased God once for all. This high standard type of sacrifice only renders our human efforts to please God a waste of time. Christ’s sacrifice quenched the wrath of God toward us sinners, and this sacrifice satisfied God once for all. The sacrifice of Christ brought forgiveness upon us sinners and reconciled us with God once for all those who believe in Christ.

If it is true that Christ paid the debt of sin and pleased God once for all, then why do we stress so much about what God thinks of us?
Many of us overwhelm and stress ourselves trying to change God’s mind about our actions. The most common question every single Christian in the entire world asks themselves:

“Is God pleased with me?”

Many of us are culturally accustomed to an ‘earning’ mentality; we strive to earn. Our societies are built with a ‘Work hard to get’ motto. The nature of life since the fall of humankind left us programmed to work for a living. Nothing is for free in this world. The hierarchy of power in our societies has caused many to labor for others to earn a living in return. The law in societies empowers us to earn it to prove that we deserve it. We have now shifted this earning mentality toward God, thinking we have to earn God’s love, God’s affirmation or a ticket to heaven. However, Christ changed that equation once for all.

Christ’s labor on the cross was so that we wouldn’t have to labor to earn God’s love or God’s affirmation. Christ death brought forgiveness on every sinner once for all. Sin is an offense against God, and the sacrifice of Christ satisfied God’s anger toward sin only for those who believe in Christ. The sacrifice of Christ was the only thing that purged the sins caused by us and future sins. Christ satisfied the great righteous God and forgave all of our sins. Therefore, there will no longer be sacrifices needed.

Many of us are stress trying to please God. Trying to make God love us more. Working so hard not to go to hell, and we have lost the purpose of the cross. We spend all of our days judging ourselves and others. Always asking ourselves if God is pleased with what we do. We allow guilt to rob us of our days, and we waste days stressing to whether we are pleasing God or not.

Some people still believe in Christ and the cross but kind of feel like they need to do more. Despite their faith in the cross, they still believe that, if they stay clean, sinless, pray more, worship more, attend church more, serve more, do more good then maybe God will love them more. However, If Christ knew that our efforts could save us, then Christ wouldn’t have come.

Apostle Paul addressed Cephas Peter, and I quote: “for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died needlessly.”If we manage to please God with our human efforts, then the cross is useless. If you are confident to believe that God loves you because of your good behavior, then Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was a waste. Christ paid the debt for our sins, a debt so large that Christ had to pay sufficient merit for it. He died on the cross as an ultimate sacrifice so each one of us wouldn’t have to labor to earn God’s love continually. Christ offered one sacrifice for sins once for all time; Finished! No more sacrifices needed. Christ declared “It is Finished” on the cross to put an end on striving and an end to our human efforts to satisfy God.

Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen let us rest. Christ says “come to me, all you that are weary”… “I will give you rest,” please accept this invitation, stop striving. Good news: God is pleased with you because of the sacrifice of Christ. Through the blood of Christ, we stand righteous. This beautiful love is for all those who believe in Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. If you want to receive this love, there is one requirement. No effort required, you don’t even have to break a sweat. The only thing Christ asks from us is our faith in him. That is all. Nothing else just your faith in him.

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