Christ Jesus is the word of God, and the word is the bread of life.

The word of God is essential to our spirits….

Every scripture or prophecy is connected in one way or another, and they point to one man who is Christ Jesus, and the ultimate goal is salvation for all. 

There are plenty of key elements in the bible that describe Jesus Christ and reveal his identity and relevance to the human being. This small article will focus on 2 essential elements that are interconnected from the Old Testament in Genesis to the New Testament in the gospels. 

The two key elements among hundreds of others are ‘WORD’ and ‘BREAD.’ 

The book of Genesis also known as the ‘Beginning’ is part of the arsenal of books historians believe that was written by Moses and this collection of books is known as the Torah or Pentateuch. Theologians believe the encounter Moses had with God in Exodus 33 & 34 was significantly the moment Moses began to articulate the truth about creation when God showed his backside to Moses, and because it was powerful, Moses managed to get a glimpse of how the universe was created. But that’s not our focus here!

The book of Genesis exclusively articulates the story of creation, and it’s evident that God only used his word to create everything except humans. The author of Genesis quotes  ‘God said,’ which means every time God created something, the WORD which came from God did the work; The WORD did create the universe.

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Fast forward, we then find ourselves at the table of a gentleman called John who many believe is the author of the Gospel of John. The book of John stands out among other gospels mainly for its culture and depiction of who Christ Jesus is. John discloses the type of revelation other gospel writers were obscure to tell. 

John enlightens us that:

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was GOD. (HE) Was at the beginning with GOD. ALL THINGS came into being THROUGH HIM, and apart from HIM, nothing came into being that has come into being. In HIM WAS LIFE………. and the WORD became FLESH and dwelt among us……….’

John 1:1 – 18

The same WORD that created the universe, the same WORD that created trees, animals, daylight & night, this word came from God, and out of God, it is God’s word, the word of God is God, if you receive the word of God then you have received God. The same word that is God and that created the universe worn a human flesh and accepted the suffering for the sake of our salvation. 

Christ Jesus is the WORD in the flesh. When God gives us a word about our circumstances, it is actually God giving us Christ Jesus for our circumstances. The word of God, prophecies, and revelations from God are the spiritual representation of God in our lives. Every scripture we read from the Holy Bible has revelations and prophecies concealed. This is why we read a lot not to memorize scriptures but to discover more of God. 

Then Christ Jesus reveals that the WORD isn’t merely what you read, hear and say; you can actually eat it! yes, you can.

Jesus Christ revealed to us that:

Man shall not live by BREAD alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God

Matthew 4:4.

Hang on! Didn’t Genesis say God created everything with his word and John revealed that the word that created everything was actually Christ Jesus so why is Christ Jesus saying we can’t survive with BREAD alone but the word, so Jesus wants us to eat him. yes, he does. Well, let me explain. 6 chapters later in the Gospel of John, Christ Jesus then says to his disciples: ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will not hunger…….’ 

Historians believe that Jesus used a gourmet analogy as a metaphor to explain his significance to the disciples in a language and allegories they can comprehend. He specifically uses words such as ‘Eat,’ ‘Bread’ and ‘Hunger’ as a metaphor to illustrate the need for the flesh and its temporary satisfaction. 

Therefore, the WORD of God came from GOD and the WORD WORN FLESH, and we called him CHRIST JESUS and the WORD quenches the THIRST (desires) and satisfies the HUNGER (Need) of our sinful and filthy hearts, spirits, and souls. 

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You might be asking yourself already “how do I eat this bread?” 

The hunger we are talking about is spiritual hunger, the needs of the souls and of the flesh and the need for joy in our hearts. The cruel reality of life is that everybody has issues. When we face challenges in life or dryness in spirit, every word or revelation we receive is Christ Jesus coming into our circumstances. The hope, faith, and revelation are what satisfies the heart, soul, and spirit. The word of God is essential to the spirit as bread is to the flesh (body). When the spirit is satisfied, everything else benefits from it abundantly.

The word of God is essential to the spirit as bread is to the flesh (body)

We can satisfy our spirit, put hope in hearts and revelation in our minds by reading the word of God. when receiving Christ Jesus, we receive bread that will satisfy the need of our spirits, hearts, souls and more.  Christ (word) brings peace, love, joy, solution and more, all of this to quench and satisfy our needs and that is what makes Christ Jesus the bread of life. 


Christ Jesus is the word of God, the word of God is God, and that word comes as the bread of life to satisfy our needs abundantly.


Author: Marc Bope

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