About Your Haters.

Many of us strive relentlessly to prove something to those who dislike us. We are stressed running away from our so-called ‘haters.’ Everyone has haters; haters have become like employees, we pay them with our efforts to defend ourselves, we deplete ourselves by trying to prove a point to them. People hate you because you are different, there is nothing wrong with you, but something is interesting about them.

We live in a planet satiated with diversities where beauty has become dramatically complex, and intelligence has become questionable. Our diversities have caused us to dislike each other and disconnect from each other. Those who have dared to reason beyond their limitations have discovered that planet Earth is merely a canvas and our diversities unite us together to form art. The beauty of this art is seen through the lens of its creator. Instead of questioning the purpose of this art, first, we should seek to experience the voluptuousness of this art. Many of us have missed the opportunity to experience the beauty of this great art of diversities because we are striving to create circles and accommodate people like us and those we are fond of. So we hate those who are different compared to us.

pexels-photo-987585Perspective determines how we engage with each other. A distorted perspective can cause someone to hate you. People treat you based on how they see you and what they think of you. How they see you and think of you will result in how they feel about you.


Social, Political and Religion norms and ideologies have shaped how we engage with other humans. For example, some norms and ideologies empower us to seek for those who have the same beliefs as us, same denomination or church organisation as us, same race or political views as us. Moreover, society encourages us to build our little bubbles and in those bubbles accommodate those who think like us, see things like us and feel like us. We then segregate those who don’t tick the boxes. Just because they aren’t like us, it does not mean they are against us.

You don’t need to live life long to realise that there is nothing wrong with you, your haters hate you because of their distorted perceptions of you, they misinterpret your differences. So stop beating yourself up, a lot of the time what your haters see in you is a reflection of what is in them. When someone points a finger at you, remember there is a thumb that’s point back at them. Their sins make them see the sins in you because only a thief can bust another thief.

Hate comes with a reason. There are a million reasons why people hate other people, and five basic human senses drive these million reasons: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell, and Taste. Sensory modalities might be slightly relevant to this subject, but these broadly recognized senses create what the Philosophy Of Perception calls as ‘Perceptual data’ to our brains. The brain relies heavily on data provided by organ senses. Two of the most common malfunctioning organ senses are sight and hearing. How we see, hear and hear about other people has lots to do with how we feel and treat them.

A distorted perceptual view of you causes them to hate you. Their sense of sight might be reporting wrong information about you to their brains; much more like a hallucination. In fact, Neuroscientists believe that people hallucinate all the time and it has become normal enough to call it a reality; suppose your haters’ reality about you is distorted. Before you point a finger, what does your perceptual view report back to you about that particular person? Could it be just hallucination?

Sometimes, people place labels on you to hate you. Because this label gives them a reason to hate you. If they put a hateful label in front of your name, then they have a reason to hate you. For example, if they add: Racist Marc or Hoe Britney or …… James. Any word or name in front your name becomes your identity to them. One of the most hated but also celebrated men in history is Jesus Christ. Although Jesus’s identity caused many controversies, it was not as loathsome or foul as what the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin speculated about him. They said he was a blasphemer, evil, sinner, a son of a carpenter, etc. The Pharisees and the Sanhedrin placed these labels on Jesus to exasperate people’s feelings to hate Jesus, which led to his crucifixion. Your haters have done the same to you. Your haters view you from the standpoint of their beliefs. If you don’t fit in their puzzles, they will then label you and place you back on the shelves.

People can hate you by proxy, meaning, they hate you by the labels placed on you. Notice when someone hates you, they often try to get other people to hate you too, and they would tell everybody about you. A label on you is like a Billboard placed on top of your head and this Billboard will irritate, exasperate and rave people’s emotions toward you. Some might hate you because of what someone else said about you. Some hate you because their friends hate you. The world has become so hateful because many of us hate people we don’t even know. We hate people based on someone’s distorted perspective or opinion on a broadcast or a news channel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s not our responsibility to change other people’s view or emotions about us; instead it’s their duty to drop scales off their eyes. There is a lot more to life than trying to change someone’s mind about you. The truth about you is what you know about you, therefore don’t let someone’s hallucination drop you off your throne. Stay truthful to yourself and confident in yourself. Those who hate you don’t know you as you know yourself. Haters are hallucinators.

Author: Marc Bope

My name is Marc Bope, from Australia. I am a Christ follower. This site is my platform to share some: - Insights - Discoveries - Inspiration with the world. I want the contents of this platform to inspire, encourage, give you hope and motivate you. Instagram: @marcbope

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  1. Very interesting article. I was just reading 1 Samuel, when Israel wanted a king instead of judges God chose for them. Samuel felt hurt, but God said, “They aren’t rejecting you; they are rejecting me.” To choose to hate a person is rejecting what God has told us to do: love everyone.

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