IDENTITY: Masks We Wear.

Many of us worship this idea called ‘perfection.’ Perfection is now a goal we are chasing and a standard we aspire to live up to, but were we created to become perfect? Or were we created perfect? If so, what is perfection?

Could it be possible that we are merely chasing a shadow and calling it perfection or could perfection be an illusion? Can you visualize what a perfect you could be like?

Have you ever paused and asked yourself this question: “Who am I?” Are you really who you were created to be? Or you are what you have made yourself to be. It is possible you could be someone you are not meant to be.

Many of us labor endlessly to patch ourselves, color ourselves, bandage ourselves and change ourselves in many ways possible. We spend so much energy to fix ourselves. We compare ourselves with others and sadly conclude that there is something wrong with us; when we begin to believe something is wrong with us, we then start seeking for possible ways to fix ourselves.

Many of us stress, suffer from the pressure and anxiety from the efforts we spent to fix ourselves, turning ourselves in all shapes and sizes to fit in and so people can accept us. We change ourselves so many times to live up to the expectation of other people; spend our energy trying to respond to the standard others have of us. majority of us have lost sight of the original self.

We hate ourselves so much, and in trying to escape ourselves, we create images to hide who we truly are. We carry images we call perfection to hide our flaws and our true self.

Let the truth be told, there is wickedness in each one of us, whether you are rich or poor, black or white or green. There is also righteousness is each one of us, whether you are young or old.

Creationist would testify that God made each one of us perfect. However, why do we need to add on extra? 
Why do you need to change yourself?
Are you changing yourself to fit in? 
Are you changing at the demand of others?

Many of us think we are not good enough, so we add, subtract, cover, change, patch, twist, stitch, hide and do all sorts of things to fix ourselves because we don’t like who we are, or because they don’t accept who we are.

Some of us are afraid to show who we truly are because we fear how the world would react if they discovered who we truly are. We wonder whether people would love us if they discovered the truth about us. We wonder if they would accept us and we stress whether they will stay when the cat is out of the bag.

Ever wonder who you’d be if you were not afraid to show yourself.
Ever wonder what life would be like if you show your true color.

The global society encourages us to use systems of influence and power to help us hide our true self. These systems of influence and power recruit people into doctrines and ideologies, making people believe that through these systems they will become perfect. These systems create images people hide behind. One of those systems is Religion. After years and centuries squandering life, we’ve come to conclude that a Religion at its core, is simply a behavior modification program. Notice, all these systems do is teach us how to hide our true selves.

Who told you, you were not good enough? 
Who said you were not pretty enough? Also, who are they?
Who said you are not smart enough?

The new age has brought us social media, and social media has become a tool we measure and compare ourselves to others. We try to tailor our lives to look like that of those we see on social media. Those who are different compared to us have now become standards we strive to live up to. However, the big question is:

Who are you truly?

Beneath your titles, achievements, success, names, and reputations, you are more than that. The creator created you good enough, and you are just perfect. Take pride in who you truly are, not in images you hide behind. Last time I checked, ‘Round’ is a shape. You are enough, you are beautiful, and you are smart. Out of 7.5 billion people in the world, you are unique, individual and perfect. You have only one life here on earth, don’t waste it living for others. Live! Please don’t waste it chasing perfection. Live!

Author: Marc Bope

My name is Marc Bope, from Australia. I am a Christ follower. This site is my platform to share some: - Insights - Discoveries - Inspiration with the world. I want the contents of this platform to inspire, encourage, give you hope and motivate you. Instagram: @marcbope

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