The Gospel: A love story about a bird and a fish.

If a bird and a fish were to fall in love, where would they live?

The answer is unknown. The law of nature forbids a fish to live out of the water and a bird to live in the water. Novelists and poets have courageously taken the liberty to reveal the possibility of these two species living together. It would mean, the fish would have to lip high out of the water; as for the bird, it will have to fly down closer to the water to see the fish. However, the ending of the story has stolen the attention of many conspiracy theorists.

There are many questions many of us do not dare to ask because logically the answer is impossible. Yes, there are plenty of things the law of nature calls impossible and science has marked as never. Of course, we live by the principle of what the law of science says and our human reasoning. Some things are what they are because that is what we are taught or we don’t bother asking questions. One would point out that the only thing limiting us to think the unthinkable is the law of nature.

This old Native American proverb about a bird and fish falling in love depicts an anthropomorphic metaphor that describes the love story of God for humanity. A love story like no other. The gospels tell this love story.

The gospel at its core is a love story; An astonishing love story. Every love story is relevant whether it is a Hollywood movie or not. Every love story consists of the following phases: one lover striving to win the other’s heart, it seems impossible at some point, and in the end, they both fell in love together. Standard right?. However, the love story the gospel tells us is incomparable to any other love stories; known as the greatest love story.

The gospel tells us a story about a perfect God falling in love with imperfect people. Physiologically just as the law of nature forbids fish and birds to live together, spiritually the law of righteousness prohibits sin and holiness to cohabitate together. The significance of this story rests upon the truth that, these two lovers were together; they did life together but separated due to one’s choices and the other’s law.

The gospels tell us the story of God and men falling in love but nowhere to hang out as lovers. God created human beings so God can have company. The old testament scriptures reveal to us that God created us all in His image and His likeness. Meaning we were meant to dwell together with God because we looked like God and behaved like God.

In the beginning, God and humans dwelt together, and that only lasted up until the fall of humankind. Both Adam and Eve decided to disobey the commandment given to them by God. The Hebrew scriptures tell us that, the first couple got thrown out of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was the very suitable, appropriate and accommodable place for both God and humans to be compatible with each other.

The garden of Eden was one place God created to dwell with human beings; this is the one place God would come in contact with fleshly human beings and dwell together. However, due to the first human beings’ unconventional choices, made it impossible that God would dwell with us humans. The unconventional choice also knowns ‘sin’, disconnected us from God. As a result of the first humans’ sin which contaminated the rest of us; the law of righteousness built a wall between God and us. We became unworthy to dwell with God. Sin turned us into something unlike the image of God and our manners strange from the likeness of God. It was a separation of no return.

But God never stopped loving us. He visited every sunrise and every sunset. Flapped his beautiful wings over the ocean of sin. Hovered closer to the water to catch a little glimpse of his lover. This bird(God) flashed its magnificent feathers to delight its lover (fish). The bird wished it could fly with the fish and meanwhile the fish dreamt of flying with the bird.

The sad part is both creatures would not live in each other’s spheres. The fish would try its best to lip out of the water to gaze upon its lover in the hair. From the blue sky, the bird would sink low to be in great proximity with the water. Out of any indescribable kaleidoscope of every morning’s sunrise and evening’s sunset; the bird would come to visit its lover on the water; dancing in circles around the ocean airborne — the sun from the skies shining on its wings; casting shadows of wings on the ocean to create a romantic atmosphere for its lover in the water.

This love image of a bird and a fish represents our state of love with God before Christ Jesus came to earth. Despite our sinful nature, God longed to spend life with us. We yearned for his heart and thirst for his love. God with His righteousness and perfectness, he still loved us deeply. On God’s To-Do list, God’s priority was to restore us to a state of being where we could dwell together in His holy presence. God dreamed that we could inherit the kingdom of heaven once more and share the richness of heaven. However, God desired to be hand-in-hand with his lover (humanity). Since the law of righteousness forbade it; therefore Christ Jesus had to come and break the veil.

God so loved humanity since the beginning of time and even after the fall, God still deeply loved humanity. Because humanity had already fallen into an ocean of sin, God sent his one and only son Jesus Christ. Christ came to rescue us out of the ocean of sin. Christ restored us to Eden where we can live with God. Whoever believes in him shall not remain to drown in the ocean of sin but rescued and inherit eternal life with God in the heavens. (John 3:16 – paraphrased)

Remember when Christ said: If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may also be. And you know the way where I am going.
The place Jesus is talking about is the one place both God and humans can dwell together; this place is heaven. Just like the garden of Eden. The only way to get to that place is through Chris, and He says: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
In and through Christ we have access to God, Christ made it possible so that we could dwell with God. So Ladies and Gentlemen, a fish and a bird can live together only in the heavens.

Author: Marc Bope

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