The Mythical Nature of ‘Striving for greatness’

Everyone wants greatness, and everyone desires to be great, the whole world strives for greatness but what is greatness?

Each one of us is born to fulfill a purpose. Each one of us is born with intelligence and unique abilities; equipped for the journey here on earth. Each one of us is created and designed for a special mission and deliberately entrusted with a race, skin color, and unique talents. Indeed each one of us carries something nobody else surprisingly has. Each one of us is wired distinctively different with exceptional instincts and perspectives. You are living on earth at this very moment strategically for one specific mission. Concocted DNA to form a custom ‘you.’ Purposefully paired genes to create who you are with a unique personality. A categorically distinguished destiny is pulling every individual.

Now, the goal is to reach our destiny, and we reach our destiny by being great. However, society has twisted this equation and made us believe that ‘Greatness’ is ‘destiny.’ Meaning, we ought to strive to reach the highest pinnacle in life and call it greatness. That’s a lie.

The truth about ‘Striving for greatness’ in society.

‘Striving for greatness’ is not what you think it is. ‘Striving for greatness’ is a self-centered motivational slogan people use to accomplish their goals and be esteemed above others selfishly. The equation for ‘Striving for greatness’ is simple: ‘Striving for greatness’ involves destroying everyone and climbing on their backs as ladders to reach the highest pinnacle of life. How many people have we seen in our societies robbing, killing and destroying others for success?

In nowadays people view greatness as success. Meaning, greatness is a ‘reward.’ People are now accustomed to achieving something to earn an induction into the Hall of Greatness. But that is incorrect. We don’t accomplish something to be great; instead, we need greatness to achieve something distinct.

The human life principle suggests that, we can’t achieve anything in life if we don’t have greatness. Meaning, we need greatness to succeed. Greatness comes first, and success comes after. Achievements and accomplishments are the byproducts of greatness.

The global society encourages us to chase after greatness so we can distinguish ourselves from others. Sadly, that mentality causes us to labor hard to look different, burning out hard to be better than others on the basis of achievements. ‘Striving for greatness’ makes us think others are our competition.

The very fact that we describe greatness as accomplishments; we now torture ourselves to accomplish more to prove something. Sometimes we strive for greatness to prove ourselves right to people who don’t even care.

The Global Society has accustomed us to view greatness as:

The cars we drive
The jobs we have and promotions
Friends we have
Relationships and partnerships
The house we own and the places we live
The amount of stumps we have on our passports
How much we have in our bank accounts
The level of studies we have achieved and our qualifications
The churches and the club we are members of
Number of followers we have on social media

Greatness has now become tangible things we own. We have been able to differentiate between who is great and, who is not great on the basis of achievements. As a result,  If that is what ‘Striving for greatness’ is all about then, we’ll call it selfishness. But, If greatness is what you need in order to achieve something, then greatness is not tangible.

Greatness is something that is within you. Greatness is a machine, the drive and the energy behind your achievements and accomplishments. The perfecter of your crafts is greatness within you. What has already set you apart is the greatness in you. The unique ability in you is greatness. Therefore you don’t need to go striving for greatness. There is already greatness in you; all you need to do is turn into yourself and unleash that greatness. Each one of us is wired, built, created with greatness. The unique instinct, sensitivity, energy, feelings, and intelligence is what sets you apart from everybody else, and that is greatness.

Greatness is a special gift each one of us has inherited. Let’s use greatness to fulfill the very purpose we live for. The Urban dictionary describes ‘Greatness’ as the deeds of people who make this world a better place and, also those who contribute to a greater purpose than themselves. In other words, those who care for others by using their abilities to serve others ( providing purpose to those who have no purpose). The real essence of greatness is seen through what we do for others. In fact, if striving for greatness is all about making you better than others, then that’s selfishness. Let’s use the greatness already placed in us to make this world a better place and change other people’s lives.

Author: Marc Bope

My name is Marc Bope, from Australia. I am a Christ follower. This site is my platform to share some: - Insights - Discoveries - Inspiration with the world. I want the contents of this platform to inspire, encourage, give you hope and motivate you. Instagram: @marcbope

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