Let me introduce myself.


My name is Marc Bope, from Australia. I am a Christ follower. This site is my platform for growth and discovery. I love to learn, discover, grow and share with the world. I refuse to settle for knowledge, information, and revelation of yesterday; I thirst to gain new understanding and new revelation daily. There is more to life than what we knew, what we think we know and what already know.

The contents of this site will originate from discoveries, personal journaling, and revelations. My journaling is brought to you by scriptures from the Holy Bible. I will also share different information to encourage and motivate others. Writing is more than a hobby for me. I write to take others on a journey to discover something I have discovered.

I am a university graduate, I graduated from International Relations and completed a major in Theology. I am always fascinated by how politics and religions shape our lives.

I Love traveling, I have lived in 3 different countries In Africa, in Europe, I have lived in France and visited south England. Now I live in Australia. I have explored other cultures, and I have to admit diversity is a priceless gift to the universe.

I love living.

My greatest desire is to help others find peace, love, and grace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question or want me to write about a particular topic.

Author: Marc Bope

My name is Marc Bope, from Australia. I am a Christ follower. This site is my platform to share some: - Insights - Discoveries - Inspiration with the world. I want the contents of this platform to inspire, encourage, give you hope and motivate you. Instagram: @marcbope

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