How To Achieve​​ Your New Year’s Resolution

It is that time of the year again, yes! of course, the busiest time of the year. And if you have survived the Christmas’s craziness then congratulations; your life right now is much better than Golden State Warriors fans. However, don’t get too excited because now you’ve made a step closer to another stressful finale phase of the year. Yes! It is stressful but exciting for some people.

Now picture yourself back in your final year in High School and all your relatives, all your parents’ friends and all types of Sheldon Coopers out there asking you this one irritating question: “What are you gonna do after High School?”. Can anyone relate? Or it is just me. The irritation comes from the number of times you’d be answering that question and also, the fear of whether you are going to accomplish what you’ve told everybody; the same fear applies for new year’s resolution.

Many of us don’t believe in new year’s resolutions; some call it a myth and for the rest of us, new year’s resolutions have not worked out in our favor. Many realists would conspire that a new year’s resolution is a momentary motivation which cools off when we face the reality of what life throws at us throughout the new year. However, optimists would encourage us to believe that it’s only a matter of consistency that the future will unveil what we hoped. Therefore, there is such a thing as a new year’s resolution and if you have lost your faith in the new year’s resolutions, let me be the one to restore it for you.

A new year’s resolution is transformative; it is more than jotting bullet point on a piece of paper and sticking it on the wall. New year’s resolution is far significant than what we measure it to be. Ever heard of this slogan:

“Out with old and in with the new”

Yes, that is what new year’s resolutions stand for. That phrase has a bit to do with physical objects, but it’s mainly about attitude and life-changing goals. The significance of this life-changing goal or new year’s resolution lies in the persistence or consistency of one’s determination to change their life. A new year’s resolution is a turning point for our lives.

For some people new year’s resolutions can significantly be:

Reshaping your life’s business 
Remodel your lifestyle 
Reconstruct friendships 
Renewing relationships
Renewing vowels
Reorder steps 
Reshuffle and rearranging priorities
Renovate your life
Revolutionize yourself 
Reinventing yourself 
Remolding what the previous year broke
Rework on yourself 
Renewing your mind 
Change of perspective 
Exiting out of unnecessary clicks
Withdrawing certain individuals from your life
A brand new you!

Let’s assume that some of the goals listed above might be in your new year’s resolution list and you might be wondering to how to accomplish them, well, I’ve got three ideas to help you achieve all your goals.

How do you beat your new year’s resolution?

  1. Accountability

Having someone holding you accountable to archive your new year’s resolution is the best way to go. Chose someone, someone trustworthy, not necessarily your best friend, could be anyone reliable. This someone will hold you accountable to achieve your goals. This type of accountability is also known as ‘Reminder.’ This particular person will continuously remind you about goals you’ve set for yourself, and these reminders will bring you back on track. You will be accountable to this person but much more to yourself. They are there to run checkpoints for you and to make sure you are running in the right direction and not slacking off. However, bear in mind not to underestimate the power of unpleasant circumstances; always find ways to keep running if you can.

2. Persistence and perseverance

Everybody has goals, and some have the motivation to go after his or her goals, but only a few persist and persevere through thick and thin to achieve their goals. Many of us make new year’s resolution as if it’s a wish list to Santa. I am sorry to spoil this but new year’s resolutions don’t magically come to pass; they are goals you need to work for and earn. The Genie and Santa have no business with your new year’s resolution. You need to get up off your butt and work for those new year’s resolutions. Nobody will do it for you but you. your inner motivation to achieve these goals comes from the purpose and motive behind your goals. You can do it!

3. Prayer and faith

Oops, sorry I can’t teach you how to pray but, here is the equation:

Prayer + Action x faith = New year’s resolution achieved.

That ladies and gentlemen is how you acheive new year’s resolution.